The aim of the Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate (KCWGC) is to provide credible proof that the handler and dog are a competent partnership, with the qualities to fulfil the general requirements of work on a shoot. The certificate will be issued by the Kennel Club and will list those tasks achieved on the day. Successful partnerships will have the distinction of having their names published in the Field Trials Newsletter.

The KCWGC is open to all Kennel Club registered dogs and their handlers.

Handlers and dogs will be required to demonstrate competence in the following:

- Control
- Obedience
- Temperament
- Hunting
- Retrieving

At Cotswold Gundogs, we hold regular KCWGC days for dogs using dummies, the criteria will be assessed using simulated shooting field exercises:

- Handlers and dogs walk together to the start area with the dogs off lead and under control
- A simulated drive with dogs assessed both in the beating line and waiting at pegs
- Hunting for seen dummies after the drive
- Hunting for unseen dummies after the drive
- A marked retrieve from water (if water is available)
- A marked retrieve from over an obstacle
- A steadiness exercise where dogs are left together whist handlers collect up decoys

The cost of the assessment day is £60.00

We run a number of assessment days throughout the year and will post details here once the dates are arranged.

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